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X Prize Marks Fuel-Efficiency Spot For Future Cars

Oliver Kuttner and his team of designers have seen the future of fuel-efficient cars topping the dreamed-of mark of 100 miles per gallon. This week, the Edison2 team is being rewarded for its vision with half of the $10 million X Prize.

To get into the Edison2's four-seater gas-powered vehicle, dubbed the Very Light Car, passenger and driver climb in through a window — just like a racecar. That might not be so easy for Grandma. But Kuttner, who's 6-foot-4 and weighs 250 pounds, has no trouble jumping into the driver's seat for a victory lap around Charlottesville, Va.

More than 100 competitors also jumped at the chance to compete for the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize.

The prize will be shared among three teams: two from the United States and one from Switzerland. The honor is awarded to teams that create super-fuel-efficient vehicles with mainstream potential.

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Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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I bet that "they" just pulled that 100 mpg carburetor  that runs off of water, and put it into a soapbox.  You know...  "They", the secrete cabal of oil executives and car companies that have had this device on the shelf all these years, and not released it to keep fuel prices artificially high.