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E.V. cities consider restrictions on marijuana dispensaries if Prop. 203 passes

• East Valley Tribune

Some East Valley cities are weighing restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries, fearing the shops could proliferate if voters approve a November ballot initiative that legalizes some uses of the drug.

The prescription pot shops have exploded in some California cities and have irked even supporters of the substance. Mesa and Tempe officials are studying whether they should have zoning regulations in the works by election time so the shops can't simply open any place they'd like.


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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Best parts of the article:


"I think all the polling is pointing toward likely passage and we definitely want to be ready so that it can be implemented quite rapidly should that proposition pass," Strobeck said."


"Mesa City Councilman Scott Somers said he wants the city to be ready for dispensaries because he expects voters will approve the drug."

If prohibition dailed so dismally with alcohol, what makes anyone think it would be any different with hemp?


Comment by Christopher Broughton
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You should have heard what the city of Tempe thought about my machine gun vending machine idea...

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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It`s not a "DRUG".

How many of you dumb asses really think it`s a Drug simply because the GOV say`s it`s a Drug.....Get a life!











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