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News Link • The R3VOLution Continues with Jet Lacey

Please Help Jim Kaiser


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Comment by Jim Kaiser
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I am a loser. I suck.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Just got off the phone with Jet Lacey after seeing this here.  He is on his way to visit Jim at the jail, and will update posts on FP upon his return.

I sent out the chip-in to as much of the planet as I can reach.

We'll be publicizing the court date (probably Wednesday or Thursday) and have a sign-wave outside the Court prior, as well as pack the Courtroom with supporters.

All because he was scheduled to actually SEE his Son the day after they re-arrested him - can't have that!  No no no.

This all comes back to that same basic question I keep asking


Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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How much longer are we the people going to let these frigin sick demented perverted criminals we call judges and police officers assault, harm and destroy our children and families under the color of law?  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!  These twisted perverted men and women who are plundering the people has got to stop. The irony about these insane matters is you can take all these sick and twisted people off the board, but there are thousands of others standing in line to take their place. The spirit of EVIL and darkness has taken over the world.

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