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Americans are Not Deleveraging ... They Are Going On One Last Binge

From a peak in 2005 of $13.1 trillion in equity in residential real estate, that value has now diminished by approximately half to $6.67 trillion! Yet outstanding household debt has in fact increased from $11.7 trillion to $13.5 trillion today. Folks, those who claim that we have "de-levered" are lying. Not only has the consumer not de-levered but business is actually gearing up - putting the lie to any claim that they have "record cash." Well, yes, but they also have record debt, and instead of decreasing leverage levels they're adding to them. In short don't believe the BS about "de-leveraging has occurred and we're in good shape." We most certainly have not de-levered, we most certainly are not in good shape, and the Federal borrowing is what, for the time being, has prevented reality from sticking it's head under the corner of the tent. Indeed, as I've pointed out repeatedly, the government has done everything it can to prevent deleveraging by the financial companies, and to re-lever up the economy to dizzying levels.

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