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Movie Monday! Avengers…Iron Man…Liberty?

• Stacy Litz

Without directly correlating conspiracy theorists to liberty-lovers I would like to point out the upcoming issue of Avengers #8 “Return of the Illuminati”.  Without being too presumptuous, this reminds me of a post from Stacy Litz and how the movie “Iron Man” was oozing over with liberty innuendos.

Here is her post that was featured on

Sometimes I cannot tell when I see movies if the ideas of liberty are always on my mind or if they are starting to make their way into the mainstream.  However, while watching Iron Man 2, it was quite obvious that the government and its supporting forces were “the bad guys.”  Throughout the movie, the amount of poor decisions and actions made by the government, especially that of the senate and armed forces, were made perfectly clear by the amount of destruction that took place after their unnecessary meddling.  Iron Man 2 even touched on the media and how it often blatantly distorts the truth – and how easily it can change public sentiment.  Other liberty-oriented themes are present in the movie, including private v. public security, competition, intellectual property and free market ideas.


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