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End the Fed Smeared as Anti Semitic Potential Terrorists

• Darren Wolfe
From a November 2009 report: Analysts have identified individuals associated with these events who have expressed anti-Semitic, anti-government, and/or conspiratorial statements. The potential for problems during the Pittsburgh rally is aggravated by the fact that the march is preceded by a "pub crawl."

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Comment by Olde Reb (20546)
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I am not a sign-up for Facebook and cannot read the article.

A critical review of the Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme has been posted at

It is interesting to note that Benjamin Ginsberg recently published FATAL EMBRACE, JEWS AND THE STATE wherein he bragged of his fellow travelers who "financed" various rulers and were rudely ostracized for their confiscation of the citizen’s wealth by usury sovereign financing.


Comment by Justen Robertson (27426)
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Anti-semetic? Well, for the most part no - but when you get guys out there that say, "the damn JEWS are running the banks!" it's hard to interpret that any other way. It's not fair to apply it to everyone there, even people who are simply anti-Israel/anti-Zionist and harbor no ill will toward Jewish people in general, but there it is.

Anti-government? Well, uh, duh. Conspiratorial? I don't know about that, depends on interpretation. Collaborating to demand change through political means sounds like criminal conspiracy to *me* but I'm opposed to politico gangsters in general.

On terrorist, I have to draw the line. That word is getting thrown around to the point of meaning nothing. A terrorist is a person who attempts to affect political or social change through threats, intimidation, and use of violence against the public - especially against civilian targets. That in mind, I refuse to be thrown in with lowlife scum like the U.S. military just for opposing monetary manipulation.