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Poll: Should County Attorney Prosecute Potheads or Prostitutes?

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Yesterday we spoke with Michael Kielsky, the Libertarian candidate for Maricopa County Attorney.

Kielsky has an interesting approach to law enforcement: using the County Attorney's Office to go after crimes that have "real victims."

As Kielsky told us yesterday, prostitution and smoking weed don't fall under his criteria of crimes with "real victims."

Kielsky says if he's elected he wouldn't prosecute prostitutes, people who hire prostitutes, or potheads.

"Where's the harm?" He asks.

It's an interesting approach -- one that's probably not gonna score him any points with Maricopa County's more conservative voters -- but we can't say we entirely disagree with him. But we want to know what you think: should the county attorney prosecute prostitutes or potheads?


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Comment by David Forty
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 No!  Because the war on drugs is far more damaging than any harm it might do to individuals.
And as far as prostitution goes, the vast majority of America women are all prostitutes at heart. I haven't met a women in my entire life that did not consider her body a commodity to sell to the highest bidder. The way I see it the prostitution laws are a lot like the banks prosecuting a counterfeiters. It's just a way to eliminate competitors. A prostitute is just a woman that places less value on her body (sex) than a woman that holds out for a bigger better deal like a house, a car, and control. Prostitution laws merely work to maintain the female monopoly on sex and should be eliminated. 

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