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Seattle Muhammad Cartoonist Goes Into Hiding

• The Seattle Weekly

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Comment by Channels Patrick Henry
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By going into hiding, she has handed her liberties over to the terrorists with a nice, bright bow on top. NO APOLOGIES!! NO BACKING DOWN!! Stand up and face these stone-age cowards - who refuse to commit any of their oh-so-courageous acts of terror without a mask on! You do not have to lie about them to mock and ridicule them; they make it easy enough to do while just telling the basic truth! If Americans start to give in to these terrorist tactics like the French, we will start seeing these pushy bastards blocking our streets and burning cars and telling America what's what. Not going to happen. Not now. Not ever.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Unfortunately David, you would have to live 24/7 in condition orange... forever.  That is not only hard to do, it is not much of a way to live one's life.  Sooner or later they get you.  It is the condition our government places many families around the globe and why they hate us.

PS: I am not sure I would want to make my stand in anti-gun Washington.

Comment by David Forty
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 Two can play that game. What a missed opportunity to eliminate some scum off the face of the Earth. If it were me, instead of running, I would use the situation as an opportunity to set a trap to exterminate the bastards. Just wait for them to come to you and then blow their useless heads off.

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