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Official says security threat harder to tackle

• Reuters

U.S. authorities are having a harder time detecting terrorism threats on American soil, top officials said on Wednesday, more than nine years after the September 11 attacks thrust the United States into a global struggle with Islamist militancy.

The officials, including Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and FBI Director Robert Mueller, told a Senate panel that al Qaeda and its affiliates have shifted over the past year to plotting smaller-scale attacks, such as shootings and car bombings, that can be carried out inside the United States with greater frequency and against a broader range of targets.

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Comment by Anonymous
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There are NO terrorists on American soil.  We've been fighting two wars in the middle east and getting our kids killed there in order to keep the terrorists over there and not let them come here.  The Government, the Generals, Bush, Obama, the Sec. of Defense have all told us that-----so it must be true.

Comment by Ned The Head
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It is SO  UNFAIR to criticize DHS like this when then work SO HARD to keep track of law-abiding citizens. NSA predictive technologies can tell them what I'm having for breakfast. Know how much time, effort and money that represents?

But no, have it your way. If you want them to track ACTUAL TERRORIST THREATS we're just gonna have to double their budget again.

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