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Denninger: GOP Manifesto - A Big Fat Zero

Getting rid of Obama-Care is a good start. Now where is the discussion about the points in my Health Care plan that would actually provide competition? Missing, that's where. Why? Duh. Oh sure, opening insurance across state lines is good. Not forcing companies to bill the same amount to everyone isn't, nor is allowing cost-shifting of the uninsured to those who are insured. You can't fix the problem until you take on those two issues. Period. Much of the rest sounds good. But the plan is long on rhetoric and damn short on substance. Further, it contains lies right up front - a claim that the 10th Amendment will be respected, for instance. If the GOP meant that, I'd be behind it 100%. But if they meant it then 80% of what The Federal Government does today would be declared unconstitutional tomorrow, from the Brady Act to the National Firearms Act to drug prohibition to the Departments of Agriculture and Education, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP and more. My retort to the GOP: STOP LYING.

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