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Karl Denninger: Why Do You Obey The Law?

If the government - at all levels - state, local and federal - wants we, the little people, to continue to obey the law, instead of declaring that we will act as they have acted, that we will rob and pillage to our heart's content - then this **** needs to be stopped RIGHT NOW and the millions of Americans who have been repeatedly ass****d as a consequence of this crap must be made whole. I am well-aware - fully so - that doing the above will likely force Sheila Bair at the FDIC to exercise her alleged new-found "resolution authority" for some, if not all, of the major banks. I'm also well-aware that there are many large foreign banks that would likely be severely impacted or even collapse as well. And I'm well-aware that such would produce a significant but short term dislocation in the economy. Nonetheless, it has to happen if we are going to fix what's wrong with our economic system. We must clear the excess debt from the financial system that was originally issued and has been covered up through the direct and indirect machinations of fraud, if we are to ever return to a stable economic path. Finally, beyond the realm of practical necessity, there is the matter of justice. You cannot have a productive nation in which a handful of people get to financially **** the population any time they'd like, irrespective of laws allegedly forbidding same, and expect that the population at large will sit still for this on an indefinite basis. Eventually the pain they are forced to endure as a consequence of this abuse will become so severe that they will judge that they have nothing left to lose - at which point all resemblance of the public's willingness to live in a fashion that comports with "law and order" WILL VANISH OVERNIGHT. There IS a breaking point for the people in this country. There IS a point beyond which the people will simply decide that lawlessness is the best, proper, and highest use of their resource. The longer the government continues to allow the "big players", including itself and its favored cronies, to keep abusing the people the higher the risk is that a critical mass of Americans will simply decide they've had enough of this **** and will not take it any more. History tells us that there will be no warning before that critical point is reached, and that once it is reached there is no turning back, there is no ability to apologize or negotiate, and there is no ability to "fix it" - that all such considerations once beyond the "event horizon" go out the window. I do not know where that point is in America, but this much I do know: I DO NOT WISH TO WITNESS IT. STOP THE LOOTING AND START PROSECUTING!

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