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3 Wholesale Credit Unions Nationalized As US Securitizes $50 Billion

The federal government now runs the student loan business, has controlling interest in the American auto industry, and controls the wholesale credit industry, which essentially gives them control of retail credit unions via control of their investment assets. They want control of the health insurance industry and will take control by running the private insurance companies out of business. They want control of individual medical decisions, with veto authority. We would add that the government also controls the stock market, the bond market, and the FX market. Can the farce of the US "democratic" experiment just accelerate? On second thought, the only way things will unravel is not for stock and bonds to gradually go to their fair values around 95% lower, but for everything to burst in a meltup of unprecedented historic proportions, as the very few remaining players terminally cannibalize each other. Perhaps it is time that those hoping for a fresh start start cheering every single uptick in the Dow Jones (the government still doesn't realize the S&P index exists), as all that does is bring us one step closer to the final disequilibrium. Frankly, we have had enough of this farce.

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