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Witness The Raid on an Anti-War Activists Apartment

As part of a sting against anti-war activists suspected of connections to terrorism, on September 24 the FBI raided six homes in Minneapolis-St. Paul and elsewhere in the country.

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Comment by Anonymous
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Wonder when the FBI is going to officially change its name to the Federal Gestapo?

Comment by Jukit Babalu
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The following is why there is little public/governmental male outrage about this police state.

There are few amiable men with true grit/imagination left in America/Israel/the world anymore. The CURSOTA, or "cirrhotic unskilled rabid scum of the ages" have ruined men knowing that only men have the power to defeat them and their NWO. Men`s will to fight back has been taken away. Women`s lib, created by Rockefeller, strips away his pride helping to create a high suicide rate/indifference among many other anomalies. TV provides disinformation/movies designed to keep him in a perfumy feminized fantasy world. Sporting events lead him down dead-end roads. Fluoride toothpaste and plastic products containing phthalates helps to weaken his teeth and transform him into an effeminate pacified creature. Because male DNA has been corrupted, girls now are being born with more "balls" than men, eg the heroic Rachel Corrie, just as if this was the way nature had intended it to be. The garden irrigation hose he uses to water his vegies leaches lead into the vegies which he then eats making him ill. The cigarettes he smokes addict him due to the sugar/chemicals they have added. The booze/soda pop he drinks deposits aluminum/lead in his brain making him unpredictable.

The processed artificial meaty "TV dinners" with preservatives he eats contribute to his prostate dramas. The amalgam tooth fillings in his mouth leach mercury into his brain which may make him mad. Ridiculous sex laws force him to sheepishly tuck his tail between his legs contributing to his depression. Twelve mandatory years of "ANTI-EDUCATION EDUCATION" helps to transform his youthful inventive spirited erotic encephalon into a computer with a virus.

Meat and dairy preservatives/insecticided food/microwave ovens/GM food lowers his sperm count. Penis mutilation at birth disguised as "circumcision" by psychopathic shamen helps to permanently ruin his sex life by cutting away cells that would give him maximum pleasure during sex. Because circumcision has removed part of his "manliness", those circumcised resemble "half-eunuchs" complete with a high pitched girl`s voice and schmaltzy feminine manners. Most women don`t protest against this circumcision ~ now imagine the massive women libber outcry if Western girls were encouraged or were required to have their clitoris circumcised for "sanitary" reasons.

Sodium benzoated soft drinks/vitamins/foods help to keep him in constant need of medical attention with no time or ambition to protest. Legal drugs/vaccinations help to keep him meek, paranoid and dispassionate. Illegal high taxes/cost of living drain his wallet which forces him to let his spouse go to work which in turn helps to ruin his pride. The feminized ANTI-MUSIC MUSIC he has been exposed to since about 1972 strips away his soul which may create a serial killer, a zombie with a chip on his shoulder, a homosexual, sadomasochist or a suicide case. All of the aforementioned may also contribute to this.

In order to help detract from the fact that THEY THEMSELVES are the primary male tormentors, the cursota provide a pressure release "escape valve" for all these mad sick tortured men; they encourage/fund/create Judaism/Islam/Muslim/Christian/Hindu/Buddhist religious leaders and then monetarily reward them when they make fiery speeches proclaiming that the real enemy/tormentor is one of the OTHER religions. Sports is another main escape valve used to quell slave rebellion. All this combined with a planned steadily deteriorating economic situation chock-a-block with fear and propaganda, and you now see how they keep their military enlistment program going strong. And you thought lower-class Americans/Israelites were born with a machine gun shaped cigar in their mouth? Have you forgotten JFK already?

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Two by two.  Hands of blue. Hummmm, Joss Whedon prescient.

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