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Stunned scientists warn world could run out of breathable air

• Terrence Aym
Professor Ralph Keeling of Scripps Institute is worried. In fact, he's very worried. According to the data Keeling's collected since 1989 the world is running out of breathable air--and the rate that it's losing oxygen is now on the verge of accelerating. Monitoring oxygen levels around the world is Keeling's job. He's very good at his job. And the data confirms that Earth's oxygen supply is dwindling. Less oxygen equals less life...

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Comment by Judy Staab
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So STOP the illegal "geo-engineering" aerosol spraying . . better known as chemtrailing! STOP the "Climate Change" bill from going through that will legalize "geo-engineering!" STOP all 300+ weather modification companies from conducting disastrous, harmful to human and animal life, experiments! JUST TELL THEM TO STOP -- and our world would return to normal!