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9/11: Where Are All The Whistleblowers?


A common tactic used to debunk questions surrounding the official 9/11 story is to claim that if there was inside involvement in the plot, whistleblowers would have gone public and exposed the conspiracy.

The claim assumes that conspiracies cannot be kept covered up, a fallacy disproved by the Manhattan Project. The development of the nuclear bomb was kept hidden for years before its announcement, despite the fact that thousands of individuals from all kinds of different disciplines worked on the project.

This proves that top secret, highly sensitive operations can be covered-up. In comparison to the Manhattan Project, 9/11 was miniscule in its reach, and only required the foreknowledge of dozens, not thousands of people, to be successfully carried out.

In addition, there have been numerous whistleblowers who have gone public and used the knowledge from their respective fields to dismiss the official 9/11 story.

FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, the most gagged woman in America, having the State Secrets Privilege imposed on her twice, went public last year to reveal that Bin Laden maintained “intimate” relations with the US right up until 9/11.

Another whistleblower is former Sergeant in the United States Army named Lauro “LJ” Chavez. Chavez was stationed at MacDill AFB where he claims he witnessed unusual preparations for a potential airplane hitting the base on the morning of 9/11 and distinctly heard officers talking about a stand down. This led him to go public in questioning the NORAD stand down and the demolition of the twin towers.

Indeed, the fact that BBC, CNN and others reported the collapse of WTC 7 before it fell was a form of blowing the whistle, as were the first responders and firefighters who have gone on record to say they saw and heard bombs tear down both Building 7 and the twin towers.

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Comment by Anonymous
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 The 911 Conspiracy Theory epidemic is still rising. Let’s have some fun!

Let’s play this Conspiracy Game using any theory imaginable. How about this conspiracy theory that Barack Obama planned, executed and carried out this 911 plot to its terrible conclusion? Let’s begin with a premise that we are all nuts for electing Obama president. Let’s proceed with evidence that Obama is not really who he is – he is Barry Soetero, a Muslim and a rabid Islamic Jihad conspirator since he was a student in a Muslim school in Indonesia. Exhibit A is the reported "fake birth certificate". Democrats were his co-conspirators who provided him the political cover to bring him to where he is now following the capture of the U.S. presidency. First question: Where was Obama weeks before 911 exploded? Was he not with Bill Ayers, the weather underground bomber feverishly plotting the execution of 911?

This new conspiracy theory declares that there were no jetliners that hit the Twin Towers in New York, including Bldg. No.7 – just a scene of mass destruction by demolition of which the underground bomber was a notorious expert. The more than 6,000 innocent civilians that perished in that 911 explosion didn’t die when the buildings collapsed, they just all died with pneumonia because of the cloud of dust that was so bad to the lungs when the buildings collapsed. I stop from here. You can ask the second or third question, leading to the ultimate answer to the puzzle that Obama planned and executed 911. Your call.

Now, what is yours? Your own personal Conspiracy Theory can make all these more interesting in print.

Anyway, if my Obama hypothesis doesn’t work, I recommend my friend’s next unique conspiracy theory that the Twin Towers were blown down by an invisible unidentified Super Hurricane X, most probably invented by Ahmadinejad’s scientists with the help of the Russians as an act of war. My friend is better known as Prof. Nutty. He is harmless – he is in a straitjacket most of the time. Outside his funky confinement, I can help him gather 1000 ecologists to testify as to the weather condition prevailing in the morning of Sept. 11/01 which was suspect, and another 1000 certified architects and engineers to testify that the structures in New York that went down were not caused by demolition or by these so-called newly invented chemical demolition explosives that when remotely button-detonated produces no sound. The building will just collapse like a deck of cards.

But I will not buy the theory of a Republican politician who is running for president that 911 was the fault of all Americans, not Al Qaeda. Some crazies may believe that he is a strong candidate to the nuthouse but certainly no one will vote him for the White House. Obama is already there …!!!

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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The are ashamed.They are afraid their own children will know what kind of person their parent /family member really is.....America knows!!

Why dosn`t someone challenge these Traitors to the table...for a little talk,on camera,in front of America?

The challenge itself will define the issue because the Traitors will not show up....guilty as charged will be the verdict.

Comment by Anonymous
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 More of these are coming from a nuthouse. [1] The development of nuclear bomb was never hidden as a secret ... it was quite the contrary.  [2] The development of nuclear bomb was not a Conspiracy Theory -- the scientific development of the atomic bomb was not a laboratory American conspiracy to kill Americans as some wackos think it is in their feverish mind. The hallucinating mind just explodes with anything imaginable pointing to a reality in cloud nine that in 911 there was no Jihad terrorist involved at all. Well, brace for more deliriums like this out of this anti-government madness spreading like an epidemic! To kids, this is pretty much more scary than just the fabled bogeyman hiding under their bed.

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