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Phht! Helium Prices Will Balloon As World Runs Out


Expensive party balloons of the future represent just the tip of the problem in a world that faces a looming helium shortage, according to a Nobel Prize Laureate. Globally, prices have more than doubled in recent years.

Robert Richardson, a physicist at Cornell University, told New Scientist last week that balloons should cost around $100 apiece based on the current helium supply. He also predicted that the supply would run out within about 25 years.

But an artificial cap on the price of the U.S. government-owned helium supply means that the price has still not risen accordingly along with skyrocketing demand.

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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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as for what the other guy yes that true which will screw the welders nation wide and put alot of business out of business gee i hope it puts general welding supply out of business in lovington new mexico just wishing ok they charge to much in the first place

Comment by Ken Valentine
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 Helium is also used in inert-gas welding, so in that case, running out would definitely NOT be a good thing.

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