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In consideration of the sanctity of the United States Constitution—the bible of our Republic—my research has gravitated to obtaining an in depth comprehension of the forces from without our national borders to those crouching within, of the seditious threats we are now faced with. Sedition and treason are often confused terms. Let The “Lectric Law Library[1] define these for us: Sedition is “Conduct which is directed against a government and which tends toward insurrection but does not amount to treason. Treasonous conduct consists of levying war against the United States or of adhering to its enemies, giving them aid and comfort.

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Comment by Ed Price
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All Government and the one-worlders have done is to use their liberty to let us live in a far better liberty than we would have had if they hadn't... don't you think? Of course, they gotta make a profit...

Comment by Skip Robinson
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I fear that the only way in which to stop any group whom does not share the belief that liberty is the essential component to a civil society, is to protect that liberty with the might and fury by all those that cherish it.

I fear that I cannot trust my fellow Americans and its multi-national cultures to provide that liberty to their neighbors, as they have not done so in the 200+ years of our great nation. Each year our liberties have been gradually usurped so that now we have but few left.

They have created standing armies and military contractors that have participated in the extortion and theft of money and property through various redistribution of wealth schemes meant not to protect our society, but to profit from it. The 2nd Amendment calls for well-regulated militias necessary for the security of a free state. I see not one prominent politician, businessperson or Judge involved in any of the existing State or local militia groups around the country.

They have created a central banking monopoly that has created a money cabal of ruling elites that are in the positions of power and control that have economically raped and pillaged our great nation.

They have created paper money that has given the banking monopoly the power to control the supply of money and lending and this has been the cause of the bankrupting many of our citizens and much of our agricultural and industrial base leaving the majority at the will of the few wealthy that control over 90% of the wealth.

They have created; a war on drugs; a war on the right of humans to live in the land of their choice; the right to work without government permission with an elaborate scheme of licensures and accreditations; burdensome regulatory requirements’ and various malum prohibitum legislation that has caused a profit motive to the bureaucracy, judiciary and law enforcement.

They have engaged us into numerous unjust foreign wars that have placed death, injury and hardships on our Citizens.

I could go on with the various usurpations of inalienable rights, but I should not have to, as these rights should have always been protected by an educated Citizenry. We human beings are capable of learning from the failures and experiences of others yet we do not.

Sadly, they are both the ruling elite and many Citizens whom have failed to fight for liberty and instead have cowered and acquiesced to our corrupted three branches of government and the more we have acquiesced our liberties they more corrupt our ruling elites have become.

I fear all those whom that are not willing to pledge their freedom, their honor and their wealth to protect the individual and unalienable rights that our Constitution was designed to protect.

To fear but one entity is a naive position when most of the world is too apathetic, ignorant or selfish to protect the rights of individuals. Remember that to have all your inalienable rights protected by you neighbor you must be willing to protect the rights they wish to maintain. Sadly the intolerance of many of our worlds religious institutions cannot find it upon themselves to do this and this I fear the most.


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