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Karl Denninger: Here It Comes - Title Insurance Problems

Now we got trouble. I am in receipt of a copy of a bulletin from Old Republic Title in which it states: The Company will not insure title to any property which has been foreclosed by Ally Financial, Ally Bank or GMAC until further notice. Oops. I suspect this is going to spread fast, given that this "wee problem" is NOT specific to GMAC and Ally. In fact, JP Morgan/Chase has reported "similar discrepancies", and then today we had my report on a ruling from a court in which a counterfeit summons was issued not by the court, but by a law firm. There isn't going to be any clean way to fix this folks. These bad affidavits and other forms of fraud upon the courts render these judgments voidable. Title companies are potentially on the hook if they write a policy on such a home and the title turns out be not just clouded but unmarketable as there's a valid claim that someone else holds! This crap has to be cleaned up and the firms and individuals involved must face SEVERE sanction for these acts. If in point of fact, as I have suspected, there is no actual conveyance into the MBS trusts that ever took place (and as I noted, this too has been documented in at least some cases) then we have a ****storm of biblical proportions. The institutions involved in this cannot be allowed to paper over it or "get away with it." Private property ownership is the foundation of this nation. If these banks and their agents have in fact done what it appears they have done, these institutions and firms must be dissolved and their principals prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for each and every forged, counterfeit or fraudulent document, and the titles must be unwound, with funds returned to the sellers up the line, until a clear and clean status is regained.