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Locked and Loaded: The Secret World of Extreme Militias

• Time magazine
Camouflaged and silent, the assault team inched toward a walled stone compound for more than five hours, belly-crawling the last 200 yards. The target was an old state prison in eastern Ohio, and every handpicked member of Red Team 2 knew what was at stake: The year is 2014, and a new breed of neo-Islamic terrorism is rampant in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio ... The current White House Administration is pro-Muslim and has ordered a stand-down against Islamic groups. The mission: Destroy the terrorist command post — or die trying. The fighters must go in "sterile" — without name tags or other identifying insignia — as a deniable covert force. "Anyone who is caught or captured cannot expect extraction," the briefing officer said.

[This is pathetic.]

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Comment by Joe Tittiger
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Well they have demonized the bible, the Constitution, grandma getting medical care, mothers staying home with their children. Is is a surprise  the enemy also demonizes  a free people defending themselves as a God given inalienable right?

To be honest I could not even finish this propaganda piece.  I am sure the mental midgets that read "Time" sucked it up and now feel informed.


Comment by Ned The Head
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They couldn't get through a single page without utter stupidity. The "white-supremacist legacy of the Posse Comitatus" HUH???? As usual they can't get anybody beyond a 5th grade education to report.

And I like how all these "militias" have been around for a long time but suddenly they just burst up like poppies NOW THAT THE BLACK MAN IS IN OFFICE. Yeah so all of that organization just sort of came out of nowhere and it's all about racism. Jeez, pick a side already! Is it old or new? Simple question.

Next, we hear about a series of "lone wolves" who have committed violence BUT WAIT they aren't lone wolves, they are somehow part of the Idaho militia just like this guy in Ireland, yes, Ireland, another "lone wolf", which somehow hooks Idaho right to Jose Padilla and AL QUEDA. Yup. Page 3 did not disappoint in terms of stupidity. Nicely garnished by our old friends at SPLC.

Now what's in store for page 4? Gee, suddenly after a round-the-world tour of "lone wolves" of various stripes and nationalities (which aren't but somehow are connected with Idaho militia, the KKK, Satan, the Boogeyman and vampires, we're back in pleasant Idaho. But hey here's Bob!

Hey it's Bob! Who'd have thought to bump into Bob in Idaho? Hey Bob what's new? Time Magazine says you are edging towards the brink of war. What's your response? Oh wait, they didn't give you an opportunity to respond? What do you mean they never even interviewed you? That's too bad because the answer apparently lies in Alabama.

Apparently half the movement is in Alabama. And we start dropping names like an insecure Hollywood debutante. OK, who in this list ISN'T on the SPLC's list? This is some party, everybody's here all the sudden. Pretty swanky affair. But sorry, can't stay, we're off to Oklahoma. And this is where I gotta step off this ride, I'm getting carsick. As usual, the thinly veiled line of the SPLC and the guys who killed the kids at Waco have the last word. All I can say is I never imagined Idaho to be so damn complicated.



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