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Authorities Plan To Trawl Phone Calls And E Mails For Signs Of “Resentment Toward Government”


Do you resent the government for enforcing Obamacare or raising your taxes? Write about it in an email or talk about it on the phone and you could be placed under surveillance as a potential terrorist, if frightening new technology being shopped to law enforcement agencies is implemented.

Forget pre-crime and get ready for face-crime, Big Brother is set to unleash a new wave of shockingly invasive and Orwellian technology on the American people if a recent symposium in Hamburg New York is anything to go by. Federal agencies, police departments and others were all in attendance to see a demonstration of a system that trawls phone conversations, emails and instant messages to detect “resentment toward government,” alerting authorities to potential “terrorists” who are then placed under surveillance.

The technology was demonstrated to law enforcement officials, mental health professionals, and military representatives at a recent International First Responder-Military Symposium held at Hilbert College.

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Comment by David Fouser
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If you're a Christian, you've been on Satan's radar since you were born again.  Why?  Because the one you profess and confess was there as Lucifer gave his five "I wills" in his usurpation of God the Father.  Ironically enough, what Satan deemed as his greatest hour was in reality Jehovah's Plan of Salvation being worked out; known since before the beginning of time. Just as the regime of Pharaoh and numerous other emissaries of Satan failed to halt or alter God's overarching Plan, so any government today can only succeed in fulfilling the completion of this immutable Plan.  As has been said numerous times, "I've read the back of the Book and we win!!!"

Comment by Missouri Redneck
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Well they won't have to go far to find resentment here that's for damn sure.  I think resentment is an understatement in my case.

 These low life scum (i.e. government) are a disease posing as the cure.   They are the people that murdered 40,000 people because  Southerners who were trying to peacefully trying to leave the union that they created. So we went from a nation of 20 million slaves to a nation of 200 million slaves.

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