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Stop FBI Repression! National Days of Action October 4 & 5

• Committee to Stop FBI Repression
Actions to Stop FBI Repression Take Place Across the Country! Further actions planned for coming week on October 4 and 5 Thousands have come together in response to the FBI raids on seven homes and an anti-war office on Friday, September 24, 2010. Across the country organizations and individuals are standing together to protest the United States government’s attempt to silence and criminalize anti-war and international solidarity activists.

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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U.S. Fascism Here We Come?
The FBI has asked for the power to obtain without warrants, American’s “electronic communication transactional records” including email addresses they used to send communications—bypassing the Fourth Amendment; the FBI request for no warrant Internet surveillance can’t be viewed separately because if pending bills in Congress pass, the FBI will have the power to use warrant-less Internet surveillance to arrest and indefinitely detain Americans on only (suspicion) not probable cause or evidence, based on someone’s Internet Activity. Americans to avoid arrest on suspicion and or federal criminal charges, would have to report to police every (email) received that might allude to anything illegal; that is because the FBI would not need a warrant to introduce emails into court as evidence against a receiver.  Similarly East German Citizens out of fear they would be arrested for supporting criminal, subversive or terrorist activities, found it necessary to report to the Stasi Police, suspicious emails, phone and face-to-face communications turning ordinary Citizens into informants. Undercover East German police would often in social settings, tell East Germans Citizens something that appeared illegal; if the Citizen didn’t report it, he or she was arrested. East Germans were afraid to voice an opinion or talk to strangers. This is where the U.S. is going; police too easily can take any hastily or poorly written email or fax out of context to claim a crime or violation was committed to cause the arrest of an American or forfeiture of their property.

U.S. private contractors and their operatives work so closely with FBI/Police exchanging information to arrest Americans and or share in the forfeiture of their personal/business assets and or share in assess fines, that private contractors appear to merge with police. Dangerously, private contractor corporations appear to be influencing U.S. Government, which businesses and persons should to be prosecuted.

If recently introduced bills Pass, such as S.3081 The “Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010” introduced March 4, 2010 by John McCain; then any private/information the FBI or police derive from warrant-less searches of emails, Internet Activity—including social websites and non-internet sources e.g., (informants) may be used to arrest anyone on mere-suspicion not probable cause. McCain’s bill among others introduced, would eliminate several Constitutional protections allowing Government to arbitrarily pick up Americans on suspicion; your political opinions, statements made on websites on the phone and emails could be used by authorities to deem you a “hostile” “Enemy Belligerent” to cause your arrest and indefinite detention. McCain’s bill has the potential of spawning domestic terrorism in the United States. Consider how Americans might respond should Government use this bill to take away their loved ones, family members and friends on only suspicion.

Will the names of Americans collected by the FBI from warrant-less Internet Spying e.g., (protesters) be used to prevent lawful demonstrators getting federal jobs or a government clearance? The Nazis Government used this tactic to intimidate and suppress political opposition against Hitler’s government. Considering U.S. Government’s past domestic counter intelligence program COINTELPRO 1960 though the 1980’s, Americans should expect warrant-less-Internet spying will result in government harassment, intimidation, prosecution; and civil asset forfeiture of American’s property—that requires only a preponderance of civil evidence, little more than hearsay because—someone questioned or lawfully opposed government policy.

Government can now use National Security Letters (NLS) to target anyone, even someone’s clients, scaring off their customers and business associations, making it difficult or impossible to make a living; the Nazis employed similar tactics using the Gestapo to target political opposition.

Lawful American activists and individuals under McCain’s bill S.3081 would be extremely vulnerable to indefinite detention and prosecution, without right to legal counsel if charged with (suspicion) of “intentionally or materially providing support to hostilities or an Act of Terrorism”, for example American activists can’t control what other activists or unknown government agents might do illegally—they network by email or phone domestically and overseas. U.S. Government under McCain’s bill would only need allege an individual kept in military detention, is an Unprivileged Enemy Belligerent, suspected of; having engaged in supporting hostilities against the United States; its coalition partners; or Civilians to indefinitely detained Americans without legal counsel. It is problematic under S.3081, detained individuals in the U.S. not involved in terrorism or hostile activities, not given Miranda Warnings or allowed legal counsel will be prosecuted for ordinary crimes because of their alleged admissions while in military custody.               

McCain’ S.3081 is so broadly written lawful anti-war protesters and Tea Party Groups might be arrested and detained in military custody just for attending demonstrations; Government can charge demonstrators "materially supported hostilities.” McCain’s bill mentions “non-violent acts" supporting hostilities in America against Civilians; against U.S. government or emanating from America against a Coalition Partner. Non-violent terrorist acts, under the Patriot Act may be any physical act, e.g., to prosecute Persons for allegedly supporting “coercion or intimidation” to influence a government or to affect a civilian population. Any Person that writes on the Internet or expresses an opinion against or an entity of U.S. Government could be alleged under S.3081 to be supporting hostilities and or an Enemy Belligerent to order their indefinite detention.

To compare government’s COINTELPRO with today’s government convert operations against American Activists access the following websites.

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