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Coming Soon To A Street Near You - Massive DNA Destruction

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Also, whether you fly or not, the dark powers that have subjugated our federal government are intent on repeatedly lashing you with deadly radiation all for your own good, mind you. Our government has bought hundreds of mobile Z Backscatter Vans (ZBVs) to hunt you down, so they can shoot you with deadly radiation. These vans, that look innocuous enough, are carriers of radiation-death-machines that take no quarter, while they are driven through out our neighborhoods radiating pets, children, women, and men, alike, while they are in the privacy of their own homes. These ZBVs also drive through city streets, irradiating other vehicles, and passengers, with strong enough radiation to penetrate steel and destroy the cells of human bodies, all on the flimsy pretense of protecting us from terrorists, who may be carrying bombs or drugs in their vehicles. But who will protect us from the terrorists in our own government, who are so wantonly radiating us onto death? It is truly amazing how much cruelty is afoot in our criminally insane world; however, the ruling financial oligarchs who are causing this growing lunacy are merely symptomatic of our collective spiritual state of being.

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Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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The author of this article is evidence that its affects are indeed horrific, having had his brain turned into jello, with an IQ to match.

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