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Best Write-up of the McCain/Nolan Debate I've Seen So Far

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I watched several news channels.  I read what I could find online about it.  It seems that the 'professionals' in the media industry either saw a different debate than we did, or were afraid of any 'future ramifications' were they to actually report on the OUTRIGHT REAMING that David gave the Snowy-Haired Senior Senator from Arizona John McCain! 
I was with several individuals in the 'Green Room' that was set aside (and I mean wayyy aside) for Libertarian Senatorial Candidate and Founder of the Libertarian Party David Nolan at the KTVK Channel 3 studios last week for the debate.
We watched from a room upstairs in the far back corner of the building, down the end of the hall from the McCain entourage.  I was escorted up to find a few of the regular Libertarians/activists/Candidates that attend these kind of events, with a few new faces sprinkled in for good measure.
I arrived shortly after them taking David down and miking him up, as well as makeup, and I sat next to his charming wife Elizabeth.
The first two-thirds of the debate was rather calm and placid, but somewhere in that far turn things got a little sticky for both John McCain, and his Democratic Clueless Opponent Rodney Glassman.
When the mud started flying, David brought up Senate Bill S3081 - the "Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010" that Senator McCain sponsored, which had him visibly flustered. 
You should have heard us in the Green room!  We KNOW the McCain people heard us LOL.  Then they sent someone in to 'tone us down' because someone said that we were heard in the studio (oh I hope so).
The reason I write all this is because all I ever saw from any of the medias was the lady that 'got too close to John McCain' (whatever that means) that was thrown to the ground in the parking lot outside the studio.  No mention of the draconian Sixth-Amendment obliterating legislation, or anything else of any substance whatsoever.
Here's the article and the video.

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