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A Quiet, Global Revolution


America on the brink of a Second Revolution ... "What's distinctive about the Tea Party is its anarchist streak – its antagonism toward any authority, its belligerent self-expression, and its lack of any coherent program or alternative to the policies it condemns," warns Jacob Weisberg in Newsweek. But why not three cheers for the Tea Party Express? – MarketWatch

Dominant Social Theme: A lot is going on. Hard to make sense of it all.

Free-Market Analysis: We would like to think that the Daily Bell offers a comprehensible roadmap to tumultuous times. Over the past years (a decade in fact) the modest braintrust of the Daily Bell has preached that the Internet is sparking a second Renaissance or Reformation, just as the Gutenberg press did originally. We've stuck with this perspective while the mainstream press (and a good part of the alternative media) has pro-offered one suggestion after another to explain modern sociopolitical turbulence. Additional dominant social theme: "There's really no connection between events. It's all kind of random and everyone needs to just calm down."

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