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Third Party Rising

A friend in the U.S. military sent me an e-mail last week with a quote from the historian Lewis Mumford’s book, “The Condition of Man,” about the development of civilization. Mumford was describing Rome’s decline: “Everyone aimed at security: no one accepted responsibility. What was plainly lacking, long before the barbarian invasions had done their work, long before economic dislocations became serious, was an inner go. Rome’s life was now an imitation of life: a mere holding on. Security was the watchword — as if life knew any other stability than through constant change, or any form of security except through a constant willingness to take risks.” 

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Thomas Friedman, a man from nowhere, Jewish, gets his article in the New York Times to once again facilitate the take over of the Tea Party. The Republicans tried to take over the Tea Party using Sarah Palin as the Trojan Horse and the idea was quickly seen for what it was, an attempt to commercialize the anger and growing wave of discontent.

This next blog is coming from the man wrote brought us the virtues of centralizing of 'how to do business.' Thomas Friedman has sewn together Liberty's rebirth with Washington party politics. Tea Party People, beware. This man is selling you 'the better world as he knows it.' To read this article is enough to expose the socio-pathic mentality of Thomas Friedman.

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