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Carrier pigeons are faster than rural broadband

Carrier pigeons have won a race against rural broad band after delivering USB keys more quickly than a computer using rural broadband was able to download. Ten pigeons carrying USB keys were released from a Yorkshire farm on Thursday. They reached their destination in Skegness, 120 miles away, within an hour and a quarter. Meanwhile, a five-minute video download which was started at the moment of release had only managed to upload 24 per cent of a 300MB file within that time.

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Comment by Vincent-brian: [mross]
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 Imagine the possibilities for the Piazza San Marcos in Venice... it could become the world's largest internet router, LOL

Comment by Ross Wolf
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Carrier  pigeons after a 125 years may again become popular as the only way one can sent a private message when you consider the government wants to, without warrants, wiretap your phone, electronic and all Internet Activity.  It is foreseeable government would then make it a law all people buying bird seed fill out a federal form the merchant would have to immediately submit to a law enforcement agency.