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Foreclosure-Gate: It's Ok To Defraud Consumers IF You're A Lawyer

Judge Jack S. Cox of the 15th Judicial Circuit ruled that Attorney General Bill McCollum lacked standing to file his subpoena against Shapiro & Fishman law firm of Boca Raton, effectively blocking an investigation of that firm's foreclosure practices. ..... In a complex web of legal jurisdiction, a circuit court judge ruled that lawyers can only be regulated by the Florida Bar and the Supreme Court, not by the state's chief attorney. Alluding to the Florida Constitution and the separation of powers doctrine, the ruling called the idea that the attorney general has power to regulate attorneys a ``constitutional absurdity.'' Notice what was ruled here - a Judge ruled that consumer protection laws do not apply if the person defrauding you is an attorney. That, effectively, is the ruling here. And let's be clear: We are talking about fraud, not "practices." We have already had multiple rulings out of Florida Courts that in at least some of these cases actual fraud upon the court has occurred. This is no longer a matter of speculation - it is now a matter of a ruling in a court by a real Judge in a real case. Blocking the State Attorney General from probing the depth of this fraud, and determining if it rises to a pattern of misconduct under laws intended to protect citizens from fraudulent conduct, is an outrage and makes clear that we are now living in a nation (and at least one state) where there are now Lords and Serfs, and guess what - you're a serf. Are you willing to live with that Florida?

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