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Environmentalists stay mostly quiet about violent climate change advertisement

• Jonathan Strong via Prison
Although the British organization which created an advertisement depicting the gruesome murder of its conservative opponents has since apologized and removed the ad from its website, American environmentalists have stayed largely quiet about the affair.

The Daily Caller asked six key environmentalist groups about the ad. Only one group, Greenpeace, responded, with a tepid denunciation the advertisement.

The advertisement depicts a series of authority figures asking crowds to participate in voluntary efforts to cut energy use. The few in the crowd who do not volunteer – including two schoolchildren — are graphically blown to pieces, with their blood and guts covering the others in the room.

“Many people found the resulting film extremely funny, but unfortunately some didn’t and we sincerely apologise to anybody we have offended,” said 10:10, the British group who created the ad.

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10:10 Radical Environmental Group that murders non-conformist to carbon emission reduction in a gruesome manner – blowing up bodies to pieces with blood splattering all over the place – is just by their very violent nature ANIMALISTIC! Sony Corporation of America and Kyocera Mita America are among those giant companies that fund this radical environmental organization. Unless these corporations withdraw their funding support, they are as ANIMALISTIC as 1010 is for condoning violence. This animal behavior of criminal-minded global environmentalists is in fact the greatest threat to our social environment!

Withdrawing from YouTube and from their website the body-mangling ad and apologizing for it publicly does not make 10:10 less criminal or less guilty of criminal intent [mens rea]. It did violence to Journalism -- the Fourth Estate was violently scandalized by this unpublishable material imaginable! It scandalized me even more just to think that 10:10 should have been publicly censored but was not! Our national vigilance against rogue advertisement, abuse of journalistic propriety, public morality and decency is so low that the likes of 10:10 can get away with it with such incredible impunity!

Evironmentalists are mistaken to be quiet ... they are not -- the are just shocked by the worldwide condemnation of their animalistic behavior shown in this video from hell.