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The Rule Of Men: Foreclosure Fraud Reveals Structural & Legal Crisis

Karl Denniger went so far as to suggest the entire MERS/structured finance industry engages in such systemic illegality as to be guilty of RICO — the Racketeering statute used to bring down drug lords and mafia kingpins. If he is right, and I suspect he is, our Banana Republic status is getting ever closer. 3) Foreclosure Fraud: This is the third and final step to the disassembling of Capitalism’s property rights. It is indirectly related to prior two steps. Mostly it reflects the same disrespect for legal process int he headlong rush for profits, legal and otherwise. We’ve discussed this before. Rather than repeat that diatribe, let me show exactly how endemic this is, via the price list for fabricating Foreclosure documents. From naked capitalism, (4ClosureFraud Posts Lender Processing Services Mortgage Document Fabrication Price Sheet), we learn that for a price, a firm will fabricate whatever documents need for foreclosure, real or otherwise. This makes Denniger’s RICO accusation even more poignant. Need paper work for a foreclosure, legal or otherwise? There’s an app for that.

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