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Global Warming Battle Turns Bloody

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http://RealityReport.TV | | In this edition of the Reality Report, the brutal video about what could happen if you don’t reduce your carbon footprint is broken down in the Rant. We the People Foundation Chairman, Bob Schulz, joins Gary Franchi for a special interview to respond the the recent allegations by Time Magazine that he "has reached the brink of calling for war." They also talk about the upcoming Liberty Walks on October 24th. Angie Ress sits in for Nina this week. She talks about the lengths the NYPD is going to to keep terror out of the city, how the Army may be taking control of what you watch on TV, and why the FBI could soon be watching your every move on the internet. All of this plus a dip into the Mailbag to reveal the shocking answers to the previous Question of the Week, and a new Enemy of the State.

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       Read my comments for this published nightmare “Environmentalists stay mostly quiet about violent climate change advertisement” where they explode bodies to pieces with blood splattering all over the place. We are not only dealing with maggots but also with those 10:10 environmental loonies with animalistic behavior.


      Environmentalist weirdoes followed this shocker with this recently published Super Mega Worm that masticates Earth.  My response to this: Mother Earth is actually full of worms. In this published downer, the Worm was designed and programmed in a worldwide iPhone game to rid Mother Earth of humans so that only maggots should inhabit the planet!


      But there is a good chance for mankind’s survival once our infected world today is detoxified of two-legged larvae before they become man-eating caterpillars that would ravage the land. Right now they are like tapeworms in the stomach that ills people. They should be excreted through a vigorous bowel movement in a global detoxification or "deworming" process [in a worldwide anti-environmentalist movement].


      Those flatworms [environmental parasites] are well-known for their toxicity to human life: Deranged Bill Gates has his multi-million-dollar funded vaccines for the third world to reduce the increasing global population; Obama’s science czar John P. Holdren who calls for "forced abortions and mandatory sterilization procedures, as well as drugging the water supply, in an effort to cull the human surplus", biologist Dr. Eric R. Pianka whose lifetime work is to exterminate 90% of humankind with airborne ebola virus; how about NASA’s terrorists Dr. James Hansen and Keith Farnish wanting to blow up dams and destroy cities so that this complex world of modern science can go back to simple life like it used to be in the "agrarian age"? Not to be outdone is Hitler's reincarnation Finish ecologist Pentti Linkola whose Holocaust is to gas those who call paranoid environmentalists "nuts" or else banish them to his eco-gulag camps for "re-education", why, you can name more of those creeps that surface from the bowels of the earth, needle our nerves and disrupts our bowel movement.


      Here we are not only dealing with maggots but also with bloody juvenile delinquents in the Web that behave irrationally and therefore should be treated like animals.  




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