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H.R. 6109:New Bill Requires Asking Children to Declare their Sexual Orientation

• The PPJ Gazette
Will someone please shut off the lights and close the door on Wisconsin? If their legislators aren’t trying to figure out ways to harass and torment the agricultural sector, Herb Kohl keeps them busy trying to find ways to sell the whole state off to corporations. Now comes this: Rep. Tammy Baldwin, believes that children should declare their sexual orientation if they access public education, or any of the vaccination programs or other activites provided by “public education”. All of those programs on vaccines alone are enough to pull your kids out of public schools. It is no one’s business what the sexual orientation of another person is, was or might be. It is surely none of the school’s business. School is for education, not for singling out those who might be different. Maybe if we concentrated on actually educating the children rather than poking our government noses into something we have no business in, we might get kids graduating who could actually make change for

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