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Police threaten to KILL Pastor over License Plate Light being Burned Out

• Pastor Steven L Anderson
The main action of the video is between minutes 0:00-4:00 and 10:50-15:35. The death threat is found around 2:10-2:30. Overkill for a burned-out license plate light? (no pun intended) The officer who pulled me over is Officer Merrill - Badge #132 Benson Police Department 360 South Gila Street Benson, Arizona 85602 (520) 586-2211 This incident took place on 10/6/10. The song at the end of the video is "Poor Wayfaring Stranger."

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Comment by Mike Renzulli
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Hm! A driver of a vehicle gives police a hard time about answering a question if they have any weapons in the vehicle which he/she is required to answer if asked by a cop. Marc Victor will tell you not to argue Constitutional law with an officer and to be polite but firm if stopped. Well, thats not what the gent in question did and Anderson will be lucky if he gets off with a fine and probation. I am unsure if the people in his car had to show ID (I think they do not) but the fact that Anderson acted like a total jerk during this traffic stop is going to be all the more reason for police to arrest or detain him. I don't like the fact that Steve Anderson was stopped for a burned out license plate light but Steve Anderson was wrong for acting the way he did. He made a mountain out of a molehill and what might have resulted in a warning instead got Steve Anderson arrested. SHEESH!

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