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New Hampshire: State Takes Oath Keepers' Newborn

I was up all night following the developments in this unbelievable story which began to break early in the evening Oct 7th, 2010.
Stewart Rhodes founder of the Oath Keepers can fill you in on the details;
From the Oath Keepers website,
UPDATE : 10/07/2010 10.53PM PST -- We have confirmed that the affidavit in support of the order to take the child from her parents  states ,along with a long list of other assertions  against both parents, that “The Division became aware and confirmed that Mr. Irish associated with a militia known as the Oath Keepers.”     Yes, there are other, very serious allegations.  Out of respect for the privacy of the parents, we will not publish the affidavit.  We will leave that to Mr. Irish.   But please do remember that allegations do not equal facts -- they are merely allegations (and in my  experience as a criminal defense lawyer in small town Montana I saw many allegations that proved to be false).

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Comment by Gene Swank
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Having had dealings with Child Protective Services in Calif. I know they are a criminal organization. There Social Workers will continually lie to the court to get the children away from there parents. I had to record illegaly the social worker then play the recording to the head of social services proving he was lying to the court. I recieved a new social worker and had my children returned to me in 2 weeks. This was after fighting them in court for 7 months. They did not remove the lying social worker and he is still there lying to the court. His statement to the court said my Condo was barely adequit, It was less then 2 years old and every piece of furniture and all the appliances and all the dishes and silverware were under a year old. He had aquesed me of molesting my daughter even after she had seen a medical doctor and a Phsycholigist that stated she had never been molested by anyone. I will pray for this family and hope to stop the illegal taking of children from there good familys. Gene 

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