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HR3808: Is The Foreclosure-Gate Pocket Veto By Barack Obama A Ruse?

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Is it actually adjourned? 4closurefraud is reporting that The Senate session is still formally open, and if so, our President may have just lied - directly - to The American People. The word is out that Pres. Obama’s pocket veto of the Digital Robo-Signing Act was actually a trick. Sen. Harry Reid didn’t actually adjourn the U.S. Senate. The Senate has been kept in session by a little understood ruse and the bill will become law tonight at midnight without the President’s signature. The big banks will file suit after the election to have this bill declared to be law. Article I, Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution seems to support this view. Some drunken bankers were already bragging about this an some major news outlets, including Fox News have reported on this. If we have been intentionally bamboozled by this President for the purpose of legalizing the theft of homes he must be impeached immediately.

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The psychopaths continue their dismemberment of the constitution bit by bit.

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