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Karl Denninger: Foreclosure-Gate And What Must Be Done - Today

The nation is on the edge of anarchy with reports of homes being literally stolen, bank employees breaking into occupied dwellings to change the locks on houses they had not yet foreclosed on, multiple sales of the same property, improper foreclosures on houses where there was no mortgage at all, service of process that never happened and was attested to, literal forgery of court documents (e.g. process service filed that pre-dated the lawsuit itself) and other outrages. If this is not stopped immediately there is every reason to believe that the people of this nation will come to the conclusion that the bedrock of society - private property ownership - has been intentionally destroyed by a band of brigands with the explicit cooperation and permission of the government. Should that conclusion be reached - that our government has conspired with private parties to expropriate the homes of the citizens - history says that the outcome is likely to be extremely unpleasant and irreversible. We are running out of time to do the right thing. If you care about this country and its future you will fax this to your Governor, your State Attorney General, to your Congresspeople (all three) and to The President, and you will demand that they act - not talk - on this before November 2nd. Words no longer count.

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