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The Guns of November


Life in America these days is like swimming through an ocean of sewage, and the most horrifying thing about it is that we're used to it.

If our species manages somehow to survive this bizarre period of history and looks backward on it, say, from five hundred years in the future, the characteristics that will distinguish our culture far more than anything else are the constantly shifting foundation of outright falsehoods on which it rests uneasily, and the continuous outpouring of baldfaced lies that comprise practically every public utterance by politicians, the "news" media, and even what represents itself as entertainment.

An excellent example is the way that conservatives blather all the time about individual liberty and limited government, and nevertheless idolize Abraham Lincoln, who was a lifelong mortal enemy of those ideals. Or the way Democrats defame the founder of their own party when those same ideals, which he championed, threaten to become an inconvenience.

Another example (and there are many, many more to choose from) is all the whimpering we're hearing from the usual culprits about the way that heartless American traffickers in death—gun dealers—keep sending weapons across the border into Mexico, where they constitute the very heart and core of all the bloody insanity going on down there.

Never mind that nothing like that would be happening if it weren't for the worldwide "War on Drugs" which has managed to raise the price of a handful of nickel-a-bushel agricultural commodities until entire dynasties and nations can be operated on the completely artificial differential.

Never mind that most of the weapons being used in the resulting struggle over money and power—rocket-propelled grenades, fully automatic AK47 rifles—are not a part, and never were, of the civilian arsenal in America or even the American military battery, and do not come from here, but are a product of former Soviet Bloc countries.

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