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Got liberty-related ink? Send a picture and any related info you care to share (i.e. your motivation, tattoo shop, etc.) to: InkedLiberty[at] and I’ll post it here! Also, to hopefully continue to build this community, if you want me to link to your profile on the various social networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) please include the relevant URLs.

Daniel D’Amico – right calf

Free Market Anarchist.

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Gabe Bigger – back

Here goes my psuedo-statist tat on my back.  ”Redress of Grievances” : I like animals and have always wanted wings so I thought the Eagle was appropriate with traditional Americana style. My good friend here in Austin Texas,  Ryan Kunsman, was the Tatooer at Gully Cat Tattoos. You can find more of his work at  Gully Cat’s artist Paul has also tattooed Freedom Activist Barry Cooper! Come through Austin and I can take ya’ll down and introduce!

Dylan Boswell – arm

I first had this done by a hack at Adrenaline Tattoo in Tucson (and
hated it), but I got it re-done and beautifully colored at the Black
Rose tattoo shop, in Tucson, AZ. And then I had it retouched (more
white ink added) by the same artist, Jim Quinn, in his new place,
Istari Studios, also in Tucson. Now, I love it and couldn’t recommend
Jim’s work highly enough.

It’s a white rose on my left forearm, in honor of Hans and Sophie
Scholl and all their friends in the White Rose Society, pamphleteering
and otherwise acting non-violently in opposition to Hitler’s tyranny.
It reminds me of their bravery and conviction in the face of what must
have seemed like an all-powerful state. They were courageous and
steadfast even unto death, which is more than could be said for their

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Britney Burch – right foot

I got this tattoo in the spirit of the Gadsden flag & the fight that once unified our 13 colonies against the imperialist nature of England. I wanted to pay homage to the great men of this country that knew enough to fight against a tyrannical central government.  I dream of a day when Americans will  once again understand the gift that is personal freedom & liberty.

The tattoo was a cover-up and was done by Mark Longnecker at Endless Summer in Cocoa Beach, FL.

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Jonathan Chance

Nemo Me Impune Lacesset = No one provokes me with impunity. Got this down in Austin, TX.

Jeff Cronin – left arm

Anarchy flag. Done by Art & Soul in Kalamazoo MI.

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Jane Doe (chose to remain anonymous) – side

Anti-federalist quote by Luther Martin – “Happiness is preferable to the splendors of a national government.”

Jonathan Dressler – left forearm

The overall concept isn’t specifically liberty oriented, but the compass is. The tat is about the first major life decision I made for myself, and not because others wanted me to (moving from Tallahassee, Fl to Atlanta to pursue a career as a musician, rather than stay in state college like I was “supposed to”. So I guess this is related to personal liberty, but not political liberty.

The compass holds a train track “switch” or light with the green light on in the center as my guide. A reference to Atlas Shrugged. On Ayn Rand’s original cover for the book, there was an image of the same switch with the red light on, as a supporting metaphor to the strike of the men of the mind, and the stopping of the motor of the world. I chose green because I’m not on strike yet. If I ever do have to, I’ll edit it to show the red light.

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Pete Eyre – left calf

As an voluntaryist, I believe in the non-aggression principle and the right to self-defense. Inspiration for this tattoo came from the book Enemies Foreign & Domestic. Done at Tattoo Paradise in Washington, D.C.

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Pete Eyre – upper back

After the first meetup when on the road with the Motorhome Diaries my friend and fellow lover-of-liberty Leah tattooed the word “sovereign” on my upper-back. Hopefully no explanation is needed for my rationale. Here’s the related post with some pics. Done in NJ.

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Pete Eyre – stomach
My first liberty-related tattoo, a quote often (wrongly) attributed to Thomas Jefferson: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” Done at Tattoo Blue in Macomb, IL.
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Pete Eyre – left forearm

A quote often attributed to Barry Goldwater (it was used in speech when accepting the 1964 Republican Presidential nomination) but written by Karl Hess who supposedly gleaned it from Cicero: “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice.” The second part of the quote is almost as good: “And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” One of two tattoos (the other being the amagi on my right wrist) I got during a break at the Free State Project’s 2007 Liberty Forum. Done at Gothic Tattoo in Concord, NH.

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Pete Eyre – left arm

Anarchy. No masters. This tattoo is actually a cover-up of the second tat I got when I was 18 at a time when I was at a different place – the flag of the U.S. government surrounded by the text “Love it or leave it.” Though I had initially likened the tat to the ideas that people associate with “the American dream” – individual freedom, private property rights etc. – a few years later my college libertarian adviser (the great Adam Chacksfield) pointed out that the flag on my arm represented the tyrannical government that engaged in so many rights-violating actions under false pretenses. Needless to say, since getting that ink I’ve come a LONG way in my own views. The fact that the flag of the U.S. government is still visible will likely serve as a way to broach conversations with people – to walk them through my personal progression to one that advocates self-government. Hopefully they’ll be able to identify with me at some point in my journey and then be more open to consider such views that support complete liberty – individual freedom coupled with responsibility. I could go on at length about this but instead, look for an Evolutionaries video of my own soon. I got this tattoo in February of 2010 from Scott at Tattoo Paradise in Washington, D.C.

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Pete Eyre – right wrist

An amagi – one of two tattoos (the other being a quote on my left forearm) I got during a break at the Free State Project’s 2007 Liberty Forum. Months before the conference I researched tattoo shops in the area and had scheduled my session. The amagi appealed to me as the oldest written word/symbol for liberty as it shows these ideas are universal and that rights are not contigent on where one happens to be born but inherent in each individual. Done at Gothic Tattoo in Concord, NH.

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Xaq Fixx – left arm

My tattoo, the Amagi, by Leah Patrick at Porc Fest 2009.

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Allison Gibbs – neck

An amagi done by Leah at the Free State Project’s 2009 Porcupine Freedom Festival.

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Jimmy Hobbs – left wrist

Gadsden snake.

Jimmy Hobbs – right shoulder

Christian Anarcho-Capitalist is on my right shoulder.

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Naomi Jeys – upper back

This tattoo says “Liberty or Death” in Latin. Leah Patrick did it at Porcfest this year, and I really love her work!

Justin Longo – inner-arm left bicep

I got this tattoo about 2 years ago because I am an economics fanatic. I’ve immersed myself in economics for the better part of a decade and always wanted a supply and demand graph on me somewhere. I decided on the words in the middle of the night a few days after I first got the supply and demand graph inked. It just came to me: “These laws cannot be broken.” Many people wish to believe that they can overcome the laws of supply and demand, but alas, it is as likely as overcoming the law of gravity. Finally, the words are inked in a font called “liberty script.” I thought that was very appropriate. The tattoo was done at Brave New World Custom Tattoo in Denver, CO.

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Dennis Morin – forearm

My reason for the choice of phrase is that (to me) it means liberty is up to me to defend and fight for. The location, well, its always in plain sight, reminding myself and others what I stand for. This tattoo was done by Leah.

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Elizabeth Morin - right arm


Adam Mueller – forearms

I was inspired to get the quote “Do not give into evil but proceed more boldly against it” tattooed on my forearms after visiting the Ludwig Von Mises Institute. After which, I became more familiar with and appreciative of Mises’ writings. I feel its our responsibility to act on those ‘evil doers’ therefore, this was fitting for me. I choose to not give in to tyrants, to fight ever more boldly against oppressions of mankind. What will you do?

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Josiah Neff – right arm

Josiah Neff – right arm

Josiah Neff – right wrist

I have somewhat of a liberty theme that I’m running with on this arm. I started with Don’t Tread On Me, which I started ironically enough on election day in ‘08. I decided to use a cobra instead of a rattlesnake because I thought it would look meaner and the artist is known for his distinct look in snakes. A few months later I got the eagle holding the banner reading “Liberty or Death” which I can’t really get a good picture of because of the placement in my armpit. Then when I went in to touch up the eagle I got the amagi on my wrist. All 3 pieces were done by Eric Thrice at Liberty Tattoo in Atlanta. I’m sure I’ll post more when I come up with more solid ideas. And maybe when I really don’t care about ruining my life I’ll go ahead and just get the Liberty Bell on my hand.

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Justin Oliver – forearm

The tattoo states “I am. I think. I will.” from Ayn Rand’s Anthem. The book depicts a dystopia future in which man has fully embraced economic and cultural collectivism. The concept of the individual has been systematically eliminated when the book’s protagonist finally rediscovered the word “I.”

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Michael Parag – upper chest

My liberty or death tattoo was inspired by the revolutionary war militia, the culpeper minutemen. They were a few hundred men from Culpeper County, VA who formed part of Colonel Patrick Henry’s First Virginia Regiment of 1775. In October-November 1775, three hundred such minutemen, led by Colonel Stevens, assembled at Culpeper Court House and marched for Williamsburg. Their unusual dress alarmed the people as they marched through the country. The words “Liberty or Death” were in large white letters on the breast of their hunting shirts. They had bucks’ tails in their hats and in their belts, tomahawks and scalping knives. Leah did this tattoo in NJ.

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Michael Parag – right shoulder

I got the anarcho-capitalist/voluntaryist flag because I wanted something that expressed my anarchism/voluntaryism. Leah (a great artist) did this tattoo at the 2009 Porcupine Freedom Festival and this picture was taken immediately after it had been inked.

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Daniel Patrick – left forearm

“Come and Take It” pistol on left forearm. Note the anarcho-capitalist flag and Gadsden snake in the gun detail.

Daniel Patrick – inside elbow

“Peace Bomb” on left ditch because bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity.

Daniel Patrick – inner left bicep

“No Masters” black rose. The black rose is an old anarchist symbol.

Daniel Patrick – inner left forearm

“Sic Semper Tyrannis.”

John Payne – upper back

Nothing specific motivated me to get this tattoo except a general love of liberty and the fact that I was at Mardi Gras and pretty drunk. The tattoo was done at Aart Accent in New Orleans.

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William F. Pearson – upper back

Ama-gi is the Sumerian word for freedom. It is the oldest known written form of the word. It’s context was a release from bondage and relates to the concept of Jubilee found in the Old Testament. To me, it means that I live as a free man, in a state of anarchy, only bound by the laws of nature and the universe.

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Briana Peil – neck

I got the Voluntaryism symbol done on the back of my neck at Tomah Tattoo in Tomah, WI.  I wanted something meaningful, and not much else could mean more to me than liberty, free from coercion and force.

Darryl Perry – right arm

The Gadsden Flag design represents not only my independent attitude, but also to honor all of my military ancestors. The Peace Symbol and “Born To Kill”, represent not only the “duality of man”, but also honors my second cousin Gus “Private Joker” Hasford (author of The Short Timers and co-writer of the screenplay for Full Metal Jacket). This tattoo was done at Pitbull Tattoo Parlor in Myrtle Beach, SC

Darryl Perry – upper left arm

The Ama-Gi symbol is the first written form of the concept of freedom; to me it symbolizes that I am a free man, a sovereign. This tattoo was done by Leah Patrick.

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Jason Pye

I’ve decided to start working on a short sleeve of liberty-themed tattoos. “Atlas Shrugged” helped shape my personal philosophy, so this is my own personal tribute.

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Andrew Quinn – inside right arm

The ama-gi on my right forearm.  It symbolizes my commitment to spread the idea of liberty to anyone willing to discuss it with me, and also to not allow the daily grind of life to crush my ideals.

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Sean Sawyer – forearm

A couple of months ago I got 2 tats and (A3 and a Black Flag). The A3 is Anarchy, Agora, Action for any non-voilent action that is forbidden by the state. The Black Flag is the Anarchist Flag, which is the radical concept the I have no rights over anyone but myself. These tats gave me the idea for an Agora Sleeve and a Liberty Activism Sleeve to promote the ideas of liberty wherever I go. In the past few months I came up with these designs and am saving the money to get them done.

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Dan Wilk – left ribcage

This tattoo combines two of my loves – liberty (the Gadsden Flag) and music (an image from Lamb of God’s ‘Ashes of the Wake’ album). Done at Tattoo Paradise in Washington, D.C.

Garland West-Arnold – upper back

Don’t Tread on Me tat.

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Andrew Wiegand – right wrist

It’s an engineering symbol such as one might see on an electrical schematic.  It means “resistor.” I live in Ashuelot, NH.

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Ileana Zayas – lower back

This particular tattoo probably seems a little cliché by now, but I swear, I got it before it became cool! ;-) Additionally, I designed it myself and personalized it so that it wouldn’t look exactly like the 3485702 other Gadsden Flag tattoos that there are out there. I got this tattoo to serve as a reminder to myself of my commitment to the cause of liberty and how I won’t stop fighting for freedom until tyrannical government is a thing of the past. For me, the permanence of a tattoo is symbolic for the fidelity that I have for the pursuit of liberty. The reason why I chose the phrase “Don’t Tread On Me” and the rattlesnake is because 1) I love snakes, and 2) I think the Gadsden Flag is an icon of standing up to oppressive government. I got this tattoo in March 2009 at Cat’s Meow Tattoo in Kennesaw, GA.