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Chris Whalen Predicts Death Of The Fed - And The Banks

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He really did..... As we have said before and we'll say again, the FOMC's zero rate policies imply that the dollar and all assets denominated in dollars have no value. Stocks, bonds and other financial assets depend upon income to make these obligations money good. Without a positive return, there is no reason to hold dollar assets. Got that? Non-commercial demand for dollars is collapsing in much of the global economy, in part because the Fed is transferring something like three quarters of a trillion dollars annually from individual and corporate savers to the Wall Street banks. And even this vast subsidy will be insufficient to prevent the ultimate restructuring of the top three U.S. banks. What will Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and the other members of the FOMC say to Dianna and the millions of other Americans impoverished by their policy errors when we have to break up the top-three U.S. banks anyway? He will say nothing, and we're too pussified as a nation to do a damn thing about it. Unfortunately. Ps: Institutional Risk Analytics is not a joint full of hacks. If you listen to one place related to bank health and analysis, you listen to these folks. They're rarely wrong.

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