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Throw a Knife

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Blade-slinging is the only art that'll earn you the respect of circus folk and Navy SEALs alike. But hitting a target from 12 feet away isn't that hard, according to Rick Lemberg, a VP at consulting firm SQLStream who happens to be a two-time world champion knife-thrower. Here's how to stick it.

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if (window.showTocToggle) { var tocShowText = "show"; var tocHideText = "hide"; showTocToggle(); }   The projectile

Start with a 12-inch sport knife (basically a flattened metal spike). You want an ounce-per-inch heft and a sharp point but dull edges—depending on your distance, you may need to grip the blade.

  The target

Two words: flat surface. Whether you're aiming for layers of plywood or cardboard or a bale of hay, if that foot-long blade hits at an angle, it could come ricocheting back at you.

  The grip

From 12 feet, you'll throw a full-spin rotation. Grab the knife by the handle, as you would a hammer, but keep your thumb along the top edge for stability and to prevent over-rotation.

  The toss

Envision the knife sticking. Then, with your shoulders square, start above your head and release with your arm extended toward the target. Never snap your wrist; the knife will spin on its own.

  Additional Links TNT, Rick Lemberg says this site has a number of the best & most recent throwing knives that measure 12" or longer (best for sport throwing)., a site for sport knife enthusiasts, complete with instructional videos, community news and an online shop with all kinds of throwing knives. Extremely Sharp is another site where you can purchase knife-throwing books as well as many different kinds of throwing knives.

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