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Foreclosure-Gate: Is It Time For Collective Action Yet?

Further, if we don't immediately get both that and a special prosecutor, why should we not - every American - collectively go on "payment strike" and in return for these brigands' conduct intentionally destroy all of these institutions by refusing to pay the so-called "debts" that are allegedly owed to them? For most Americans, certainly those in the middle and lower classes who have nothing beyond qualified retirement assets (if that) to seize, such an act carries no consequence beyond a trashed credit rating (and for many people that's already happened!) as those folks, with appropriate legal guidance, can file bankruptcy and stiff-arm the banks. 401ks, IRAs, most 527s and some other qualified assets are beyond the reach of creditors in a bankruptcy. Realize this folks: With banks running, even today, with 15 or 20:1 leverage, if even 10 or 20% of America was to give the banks the finger they would instantaneously implode, leaving a smoking crater where their balance sheet once was. The power to force the government and these institutions to do the right thing rests with you America, and the exercise of that power is legal. The political "powers" are hellbent and determined in their attempts to prevent you from realizing that you hold the solution to this problem in your hand, simply by writing two little words (the second one being "You") across your payment slip and sending it back - without a check. How far are we from collection action America? Legal, peaceable, but damn-forceful collective action, in particular action by those who have been most-harmed and, quite frankly, have nothing of materiality to lose by saying this to the banksters who knowingly and intentionally sold this crap to everyone, fueling the bubble and then getting bailed out for their intentional bad conduct:

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