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Denninger: The Gold Market: F-U Bernanke, Washington And Obama

This is a vote from the commodity market that Bernanke, Congress and you, the American public, will not force the scams and frauds in the banking system that have been festering since 2007 into the open where they can be resolved. It is a vote from the commodity market that the dollar will instead be intentionally trashed, basic commodities will got to the moon, you will be literally starved to death, and your earnings and wealth will be given to the banks to cover their frauds in the credit markets - specifically, in the housing market. That's what Gold is telling you today. CNBC just ran a segment (which I will ticker shortly) on the true state of the MBS and Foreclosuregate problem - and identified exactly what I've been talking about, in detail. As soon as their video updates, I will post a Ticker with it. Gold is saying that instead of perp-walking all those Trustees and Servicers (who incidentally are all either the banks themselves or employees thereof), which is exactly what they deserve, we will instead allow Bernanke to print over $1.3 trillion in worthless dollars to paper over their scam - for a second time - even though it won't work this time any better than it did the last. That expose' on CNBC was good for an immediate $13 spike on the Gold Price, on top of what was already another $13 this morning. Whether you choose to act or not, the market will act on its own, and those reactions to the lack of accountability by our government will destroy your middle-class lifestyle. You're running out of time to stop this destructive spiral America.

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