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Karl Denninger: Max Keiser Is Either A Nut, Or.....

Beware folks...... he may be full of it, but if not, we're headed for a real problem: Keiser: First of all let's be clear about something. In a lot of scandals, you can point to one guy, Hank Paulson. When he was the CEO of Goldman Sacks, before he became the treasury secretary. As CEO of Goldman Sacks, he unwound many of these mortgage contracts from the Goldman banks, they were the only bank that didn't get caught up in this scandal and then as treasury secretary, he made sure that Goldman Sacks got bailed out from their positions through AIG and other foreign interests. So there is a clear oligarchy in America, Hank Paulson is from that oligarchy, they are working against the interests of the people of the US. To reiterate my point, Americans at this point don't deserve to have their own country. A lot of big money around the world is going to drop the dollar and basically disenfranchise the US economy. This is not just a remark in passing, this means that the US economy goes belly up effectively and the dollar gets completely wiped out the face of the earth and gold goes to 1400, 1500, 1600 dollars an ounce because the big money in the world is sick of the liars, Tim Geithner, Barack Obama, Ben Bernanke, they are sick of the financial terrorism, they are sick of the grand standing, and they are going to drop kick them over gold post into a sea of their own bad debts. So forget about the specifics here, we are talking about wholesale countrywide loss of their sovereign credit. The US government bond will be about as valuable as garbage. Grandstanding? I don't know, but I'll tell you what - the FX this morning is damn violent, Gold and Oil are as bad or worse, and of course dippy is coming in and buying futures and high-tech stocks, along with the very banks that will be destroyed if this is real in the market this morning. Remember folks, before you dismiss this as the ranting of a kook, that George Soros decided to take out The Bank of England not all that long ago. He succeeded in his efforts and made a billion dollars at the same time. I would be very, very careful right now with any sort of financial asset. IF this is real, and IF this is starting here and now, we're cooked folks unless there's a 180 degree about face on the bogus games along with the rank financial terrorism and fraud.

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