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Anger About the Economy Fuels Republican Advantage


That's part of the takeaway from the latest ABC News/Yahoo! News poll. Its results identify why the public's economic discontent is playing so strongly in the Republican Party's favor in the upcoming midterm elections: in elections, anger works.

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This national survey finds that Republicans are markedly more likely than other Americans to describe themselves as "angry" about the economy. And angry people, by a wide margin, are more apt to blame the Democratic Party than the GOP for the problem.

Angry folks, for good measure, also are far less apt than others to believe the economy's started to show signs of recovery. That pessimism intensifies their hunt for change.


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Comment by Robert Dunn
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I have to laugh when I read these types of articles. The (R) and (D) are nothing more than a 2 headed monster of the same pursuasion playing a roll pitting one against the other in a great stage show. How many elections have you been around to hear one side "livid" at the other, promising "change" if they are elected. And what happens when they do get elected? Second verse, same as the first. 

Yet the gullible  public continues to believe in these jackasses time and time again.

Unfortunately for America, an independant thinker will never get elected in.

For christ sake people, wake up, smell the coffee and take your head out of your asses.


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