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New 9/11 Footage Reveals WTC 7 Explosions


Newly obtained 9/11 eyewitness footage that NIST fought tooth and nail to keep secret contains what appears to be the sound of explosions coming from the vicinity of WTC 7 after the collapse of the twin towers, offering yet more startling evidence that the building, which was not hit by a plane yet collapsed demolition style, was deliberately imploded.

The clip was released by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) as part of a 3 terabyte package of video and photo data in response to a lawsuit brought by the International Center for 9/11 Studies. As we highlighted in our previous report, almost every single video studied as part of the release thus far contains damning evidence of controlled demolition on both the twin towers and WTC 7.

The fact that NIST dragged their feet for so long in an attempt to block the release of these highly incriminating videos clearly indicates that they were part of an attempted cover-up. In addition, the fact that some of the videos appear to have been edited in an effort to hide evidence of controlled demolition is another smoking gun.

The latest video is from eyewitness Richard Peskin, who filmed ground zero from a high rise building that appears to be about a dozen blocks down the street from Building 7. The first portion of the footage is filmed immediately after the collapse of the second tower of the World Trade Center. At about 10 seconds into the clip, two clear explosions can be heard.

The clip then cuts to a later time and the cameraman states, “…explosion or something because there’s a lot of police activity and sirens and more smoke rising from the ground – new smoke – so there was some kind of additional explosion but I don’t know what it was….maybe it was a federal building or something like that,” as the camera pans across a shot of WTC 7.

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Comment by Anonymous
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 There are more of these bullcrap in cloud nine. Videos of 911 are regularly shown to viewers in straitjackets confined in nuthouses all over the country. Scientists of the mind had obviously prescribed it as a delusional therapy to those living in mental institutions because of 911, and to those who are still outside but are about to be brought there, depending on how their severe individual cases progress in time.

Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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You forgot to reference the forensic analysis of the tape that would have classified the sound that was on the tape.  You also neglected to mention the qualifications that make the tapes producer qualified to distinguish one loud noise from another.

 Let me be more explicit.  A person without any training can hear loud noises.  Determining what caused them is an entirely different matter.  As usual, there is a lot of verbiage but no real like... evidence.    To be clear, not is there no actual evidence, but this does not even qualify as something like evidence. 

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