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German scientists unveil self-driving car


"In the future it will be forbidden for safety reasons for people to drive cars," predicted Raul Rojas, professor at Berlin's Free University (FU). "The cars of today are the horses of yesterday."

"In five to 10 years the technology could be applied in private areas like airports, factories or warehouses. On motorways ... in 10-20 years," Rojas told reporters. "In cities the obstacles could be removed in 20-30 years."


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Comment by James Eldridge
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Some people write these articles like they believe their is a future to look forward to. The PTB must be sitting back having a good laugh at people like this and those that believe these things. If your old enough, you can remember the, "World Of Tomorrow". All the hype about the future that should have been here twenty years ago and today we are not closer to a brighter future, but a future of despair, world war, death at every turn, the rich getting richer and the poor being kicked to the curb. With the economy turning blue in the face from the choke hold of governments taxing the people and the demon banksters, wall street scum, and those that follow orders, men and women without moral courage to say, "No", to orders to harm other human beings, the brighter future is something none of us will ever see.