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Peter Schiff: "It's Scary How Clueless Bernanke Is"

As expected, Ben Bernanke provided a rational for more quantitative easing Friday, declaring: "Inflation is running at rates that are too low relative to the levels the [FOMC] judges to be most consistent with the Federal Reserve's dual mandate" of price stability and full employment. Predictably, Euro Pacific Capital president Peter Schiff wholeheartedly disagrees with that - and just about everything else Bernanke says. "It's scary how clueless Bernanke is," Schiff says, noting the dollar is at or near record lows vs. several major currencies and commodities from agriculture to zinc are soaring.

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Comment by Ed Price
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No wonder Bernanke is mixed up. It is extremely difficult to be a good actor when you are serious about taking the foundation out from under a nation the size of America, all the while showing them that this is exactly what you are NOT trying to do.