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Cancer 'is purely man-made' say scientists


Cancer is a man-made disease fuelled by the excesses of modern life, a study of ancient remains has found.

Tumours were rare until recent times when pollution and poor diet became issues, the review of mummies, fossils and classical literature found.

A greater understanding of its origins could lead to treatments for the disease, which claims more than 150,000 lives a year in the UK.

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Comment by Ed Price
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John Beard Trophoblast

Dr John Beard and the The Unitarian Trophoblastic Theory

by  Dr Duffy DC

Here is the truth about cancer and the truth about fact #1. Dr John Beard of Scotland discovered the cause of all cancers and published a paper on The Unitarian Trophoblastic Theory of cancer in 1902. Cancer, while having multifactorial stimuli that will cause the process of the initial replication of the undifferentiated cell, has in fact, one root cause - a deficiency of pancreatic enzymes. Everything else associated, "goes along for the ride" so to speak.

 John Beard stated, and later proved clinically, that cancer was the result of failure of the Pancreas to produce proper amounts of pancreatic enzymes. He stated that cells left over from embryonic development of the fetus are scattered throughout our bodies and later in life are occasionally stimulated to begin reproducing. [by some local stimulant such as environmental poison, drug, food, injury etc.] It is the job of pancreatic enzymes to digest these cells the moment they begin to multiply.

 In the absence or deficiency of pancreatic enzymes, these primitive cells begin to multiply and the result is cancer, the rapid, uncontrolled growth of undifferentiated cells.

Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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Even now, cancer causes only about 5 to 10% of all deaths until age 30.  After that, until 40 it rises to about 20%.  In the age of mummies --- ie many hundreds of years ago, people were already dead at that age.  In addition to that, you have to die of something, and 200 years ago, people died from relatively minor accidents and any and every infectious disease that came through the community.   A simple cut could, and often did kill people.  Diseases that we have forgotten about killed a majority of people.

 Of course there was hardly any cancer.  But only someone with a severe neurological deficiency would conclude that the absence of tumors   means that cancer is man made.

That does not mean that the crap that we are dumping into the environment does not cause a lot of cancers.  In fact, the kind of cancers that a population gets is more characteristic of where they live, than of their ancestors.  But people have to die from something.

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