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DHS memo: Assassins headed to Arizona with orders to kill

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PHOENIX – A recently leaked memo from the Department of Homeland Security alerts law enforcement agencies that assassins are being hired by drug cartels in an effort to improve drug trafficking through Arizona. Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu says the leaked memo was sent to law enforcement agencies throughout the southwest. Sheriff Babeu says, "This is the federal government. Our own homeland security is saying that these drug cartels in Mexico are now working together to protect their interest."

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Babau is an opportunistic idiot.  And he has many slavering supplicants.   If here is a drug corridor it is only because drugs are illegal.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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It wasn't my statement, it was Babeu's statement.  My comment at the time was Babeu's actions/statements were advertisements for jobs openings and that trafficking would not be impacted at all.

A few months later, Babeu announced that he had "lost control" of sections of Pinal County.  My comment was that Babeu never had control to lose.

In July and August, Babeu became increasingly unhinged with every statement, and has now gone completely reefer mad with stories of assassins pouring into his county.

One thing Arizona is full of is bogey men and clinically insane politicians.

Comment by John Morgan
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Brock, you are a fool.  I've been to Vekol Valley and the evidence of trafficking is everywhere.  Go down there and talk to the BLM rangers and you might decide to retract your misinformed statement.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Has Arizona always had a history of koo-koo sheriffs?  Is "sheriff" an Arizona term for asylum work-release program?

This Babeu guy ought to know there's no such thing as a drug corridor through Vekol Valley.  The Pinal county sheriff announced that those operations had been dismantled last year by the Pinal County Sheriff's Office.  What was that sheriff's name again?

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