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Update on the New Hampshire Case After the Hearing and Our Rally: It Was A GOOD Day!

As most of you know, on Thursday there was a hearing held at the Rochester Family Division Court in Dover, NH regarding the New Hampshire DCYF action of taking a newborn child from her parents, John Irish and Stephanie Taylor.  Oath Keepers held a rally outside the courthouse during the hearing in support of the right of freedom of association and freedom of speech, as well as in support of the due process rights of the parents.  The reason this became such a national issue, and thus the reason we were there, is because DCYF justified its actions in part because of the father’s “association” with Oath Keepers (he had been a forum user on our free-to-the-public Ning social network).  The event sparked national attention after a video was posted on Youtube of the father explaining the ordeal. In addition to Oath Keepers who traveled from as far away as North Carolina, the rally attracted several other liberty groups and individuals from the North East.

The closed court session was not attended by any of the rally participants, and the participants in the hearing are prohibited from discussing what went on, but it was clear from the smiles on the faces of the parents as they came out that they were very happy with the outcome.  You can get a very good sense of the outcome from the below linked mainstream media articles and videos, so we will let those news reports speak for themselves:

Baby girl taken after birth returned to parents

Father Happy With Court’s Decision Over Child Custody

And from David Codrea

“David Codrea, who also writes the Gun Rights Examiner (, is a long-time supporter of Oath Keepers and is a very consistent and effective voice for not just the right to keep and bear arms, but for the entire range of rights protected by our Bill of Rights.  His work is highly recommended reading.”


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