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Ex-agent: I almost shot LBJ hours after JFK murder

• AP
A former Secret Service agent says in his new book that he nearly shot President Lyndon B. Johnson hours after John F. Kennedy's assassination.

In "The Kennedy Detail," Gerald Blaine recalls standing guard outside the Washington home of newly sworn-in President Johnson in the early hours of Nov. 23, 1963.


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Comment by Anonymous
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Had he fired there is a reasonable chance 58,000 American kids would not have died in Viet Nam. 

Comment by Anonymous
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 This shocking revelation is after the fact. This guy could have confessed it right after LBJ was sworn-in as the new president. But he just came out today after a long, long while when babies at the time of the assassination have already grown long beards and some of them celebrating their unhappy anniversary of the event six feet below the ground. Either this confession is not true -- a concoction for sensational news -- or if true, balls could have deserted their sanctuary that when he tried to grab on it in search of courage, they are no longer there. Anyway, after all this is just a spin-off from many conspiracy theories, like 911 that didn't actually happen. Ask anyone in a nuthouse

Comment by Brock Lorber
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"conspiracy theorists -- who have a pretty good track record by the way"


Maybe in the sense that shotguns have a good track record of driving nails at 50 yards. 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Had he done that the conspiracy theorists -- who have a pretty good track record by the way -- would have gone nuts.  And arguably one of the worst Presidents in history would have just been a bumpkin bullying oaf from Texas who died from . . . lack of sleep.

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